Tips for Moving Through Change with Ease

The season of Fall asks us to find steadiness in our hearts, and be open to change as we move from the carefree excitement and energy of Spring and Summer to the more introspective serious energy of Fall and Winter. 

“The only thing constant is change.” Have you ever heard that saying before?  This season it is definitely a key theme.  Sometimes that can be super exciting, sometimes a little scary.  Either way, here are some tips to stay peaceful in the heart as we feel the inevitable call to keep moving forward.  When change occurs in your life, try one or all four of these tips to transition easily and effortlessly.

1) Observe Nature- Nature is our most powerful Guru.  We can understand the Macrocosm and Microcosm of life simply through watching the natural worlds; as any cycle that is experienced by us we can also observe in nature. 

-Meditation- 20 minutes.  (first 10 minutes with eyes open, second 10 minutes with eyes closed)

* Observe the picture before you.  Take a mental note of everything you see and feel (i.e. sky, animals, sounds, colors of trees, items on ground).

* What is happening as I watch?  What is staying the same and what is changing (trees, leaves, clouds, animals, sounds, weather)?

* Close your eyes and ask yourself “How do I feel about the changes I have observed?  Do they add to the beauty of the whole picture?  Do they bring dis-harmony or peace?  Can I trust the wisdom of life and nature as I transition through change?”

2) Breathing-

The power of the breath is amazing!  On a microcosmic, cellular level, the lungs are exchanging what we no longer need, CO2, for what we do need, O2, from the natural world around us.  On a more macrocosmic emotional level, this has profound effects on how we feel, react, and view the world at large.  It is amazing something as automatic as the breath can shift our perspective to a more positive one that serves oneslef and those around us in any situation.  However, most of us take  for granted this automatic process and do not give any attention to it tremendous effect on our nervous system and emotional/energetic body.  To give attention to the breath can quite possibly be one of the most challenging, but most beneficial things you can do for your life!

Breath Meditation

·      Close your eyes, deepen your inhales, release the breath more fully through your exhales with ease (about 10 breaths like this).

·      Now bring your awareness to your nose.  Notice the moment the air from the outside world enters into your body, through the nose.  Feel the air filling your lungs, nourishing your entire body.  Say to yourself, “I am breathing in”

·      Notice each exhale and the moment the breath you no longer need releases back into the outside world, as an offering to the trees. Say to yourself, “I am breathing out.”  Notice each inhale and the moment the air from the outside world enters into you and becomes your breath. Say to yourself, “I am breathing in.”

·      Keep it simple= Awareness on the nose

                        On the inhale- “I am breathing in”

                        On the exhale- “I am breathing out”

Now open your eyes and observe the changes that happen from this awareness of your breath.   If you feel peace, rest in that; whatever you feel, take a few moments to rest in it.  Notice how sweet, centering, and clearing change can be!


*You can do this breath for 2 minutes or 20 minutes, in private or public.  When I find myself in a frustrating, chaotic, de-centering situation, I excuse myself to the bathroom and practice this simple game-changer! 


3) Guided Meditations

Change can throw you off center and bring lack of clarity and destabilizing emotions into your world.  Guided meditations are great ways to give us the peace, strength, and clarity we need to understand life’s challenges and beauty on a deeper level.


I use an app called insight timer.  It is free and has some nice guided meditations.  On days where I feel like 20-30 minutes of meditation is a real challenge I choose a guided meditation.  On days where I feel like taking the journey into the peace at my center alone, I use the timer to help me know where I am on my journey.  It is a great tool. 

Don’t wait until the next change swoops into your life before you try these techniques. Daily meditations and self-observation make these sudden changes to your life seem less traumatic. Remind yourself “each change brings new opportunity.”  Keep your resistance to life at bay and welcome change with a peace and connection to your heart through meditation.


4) De-clutter, Organize, Donate, Repeat!

As changes come into your life, it is a good time to look at your belongings.  What is it you really need?  What makes you feel good? What can you organize and de-clutter?  What do you no longer need that you can donate, or offer to a friend? 

Taking time to clear and clean your physical space around you will immediately affect your inner space.  Bring clarity, a sense of spaciousness and room for new, positive possibilities by de-cluttering, organizing, and donating this week!



LIFESTYLE suggestions

~Warm baths

~Wear a scarf

~Enjoy your favorite tea