Back to Your Roots!


There are many practices that enable us to get back to our roots. I enjoy the practices of Yoga, Reiki, Massage, and supporting children as they discover this amazing world.  When we allow ourselves the space to return to our simple nature, like a child, the world is viewed from place of untainted truth and intuition.  I believe that is what this world needs now; time to tune-in, feel your soul come alive and experience what our divine dharma (purpose) truly is.                


In this life we have so much coming at our senses that sometimes it seems difficult to find the opportunity to just breathe and tune in to the heart.  When we allow ourselves this time to simply be, we connect to our true nature, that essence light inside, that light that shines through our eyes.  Even scientists are looking at this reality now, through quantum physics.  This vibrating, illuminating light is from the same source.  This source is God, divinity, source, love.  When we hear the laugh of a child, when we witness a good deed, or a beautiful bird soaring in the sky; this is divinity, that ONE intrinsic spark that resides in every being.  Every being on this earth has the power to feel it, to tune into the heart space, to act and move from there.  It takes a bit of practice at first, then we are offered this gift that can never be taken away, the gift of simply sitting, tuning in and feeling into the contentment, delight, lessons, and joys in this human experience.