Plant Medicine ~ Meditation

Costa Rica Retreat

November 2019 | Costa Rica

I walk away from this powerful week with stronger acceptance of self and clarity in what my life’s vision & purpose is.
Anne-Lauren, Radiant Spiral Retreats, creates the space to get in touch with yourself in a lovely setting, with warm, caring hosts who embrace the feminine power and enliven the soul!
— Lauren, USA

Plant Medicine ~ Meditation


November 2019 | costa Rica


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Reconnect TO YOUR radiant LIGHT

Breathe, pray, align, play!


Reawaken your radiant light on the shores of the Costa Rican Jungle for 7 days, 6 nights!

Allow yourself to be nurtured by your supportive, caring guides

Unplug from routine habits + unwind in a warm, beautiful landscape

Rejuvenate with invigorating Hatha + restorative Yin Yoga and Meditation

Gather in ceremony with Sacred Plant Medicine Teachers.

Learn the healing practices of Plant Medicine + how to integrate it teachings into your life

Connect with the elements + listen deeper to the rhythms of the Earth and your heart

Savor  nourishing meals - All Inclusive!

Hike in nature to jungle waterfalls

Build community, plant trees, connect with inspiring individuals  and your highest SELF!

Learn local culture + wisdom

Shake off day to day heaviness + reignite  your inner LIGHT


You are invited on this rare opportunity to step away from day-to-day life routines and into the jungle to deeply connect with the aliveness and truth of your heart.

We look forward to joining you on this week of ceremony, plant medicine and integration in Costa Rica.


About your guides:

Along this special journey you will have the loving support of our human guides,
Anne-Lauren and Alberto. Together they use the tools that have been passed down to them
in order to establish a safe, supportive, caring space for you to learn, reflect, heal,
expand and grow.

Alberot and Anne-Lauren are combining knowledge and experience of Shamanism and Yoga to hold the most nurturing space for YOU.  They look forward to supporting you as you reconnect with your Heart's calling, reawaken the light within, and release what doesn't serve you, so you walk away from this restorative week in Costa Rica feeling rejuvenated and inspired - allowing your radiant light to shine even brighter unto the world! The journey of healing and love on the planet starts with the healing and love that we generate within.
Costa Rica Retreat - Diving Deep Within the Jungle


Combining Ancient Practices
to Bring Balance, Harmony, Healing
and a Deeper
Connection to Our Hearts.

About this special retreat:

Although they originated in different parts of the world, Yoga and Ayahuasca share

similar healing aspects in their traditions; the dissolution of our separateness and the

revelation of our connectedness. The main purpose of each path is to create an internal

space from where we can connect to our highest self in order to live our lives in

alignment with the eternal love that permeates all of creation.

Our current global evolution is calling forth major changes in our lives. We are in need of

tools to expand our consciousness in order to evolve into a sustainable society, for

ourselves and for our mother Earth.

Now is the time mentioned in several ancient prophecies – a time where we are

reminded that we must unite into the infinite, harmonious space of our collective

essence to embody unconditional love in all aspects of our lives.

We feel guided to combine these two ancient and extremely powerful traditions in

order to facilitate inner and outer harmony, with a goal of creating a place in our being

to live deeply in touch with our hearts. We have seen the positive effects of both of

these ancient practices for healing traumas, wounds, failures, relationships (with

ourselves and others), and any disharmonies within our being. By combining them, we

enhance the overall experience and positive effects, so as to attain deeper insight,

clarity, acceptance, and peace.

As more of us dive into these practices and into a deeper connection with our heart

space a ripple effect of expanded compassionate heart energy is created. In this way we

all help to bring greater peace and understanding internally and externally in our world.

Together, we send powerful vibrations of change out into the world and increase the

momentum of the inevitable and beautiful change from a mind-driven society into a

heart-driven society. This is one of the main intentions as we gather together for this

special retreat.

Ayahuasca creates the space to see clearly and to consciously work through traumas,

emotional wounds any dis-ease in the body. In this process we are offered the

opportunity to fully accept our life experiences and allow forgiveness, healing, clearing,

and growth to happen. This powerful Master Plant Teacher helps to show us aspects of

ourselves that need attention so we can process, transform, integrate, learn, and grow

from our experiences.

The results of working with Ayahuasca are powerful and very unique for each individual.

By releasing old emotions and healing conscious and unconscious traumas you create

the proper internal space for your true self to shine, thus allowing you to fully and

openly embody your greatest potential on life’s journey.

Yoga provides ancient tools for connecting more deeply with our physical bodies and

the healing medicine of the breath. Yoga and breath-work have countless benefits that

range from calming and centering the mind, to expressing and feeling more alive and

connected in the physical and energetic bodies.

During this retreat week we will use yoga and breath-work to move through any

resistance in the physical body. This work nurtures a quiet mind, reduction of stress,

and greater awareness of our current revelations and growth processes

Meditation is another practice that is a great ally for integrating the experience of

working with the plant medicine. It provides the space to experience your true essence.

Meditations strengthens the pathways that allow one to stay centered, aware of the

peaceful present moment and will help us to stay connected to the individual lessons

and healing vibrations that are revealed along the journey. Meditation, asana, and

breath-work allow us to feel more grounded in the body and connected in the heart.

Incorporating yoga and meditation before and after the actual ceremony will create a

calm and centered  home base for your mind and body. Being able to focus on your

breath and return to your centered space will help you along this powerful journey.

 Ayahuasca will bring forth guidance and clearing of old energies to catalyze positive

changes within your life. Yoga provides a tool to integrate, ground these teachings and

changes by connecting us to our body, as we integrate it all into this physical experience

of life.

Along this special journey you will have the loving support of our human guides, Anne-

Lauren and Alberto. Together they use the tools that have been passed down to them

in order to establish a safe, supportive, caring space for you to learn, reflect, heal,

expand and grow.

This special retreat is a magical, spiritual journey that will be life affirming and leave you

feeling the support and interconnectedness of all living things. This kind of work helps

one to self reflect, dissolve the unhelpful patterns of the ego and arise to your deepest

hearts longing.

When we have done the work, seen what we need to see, and are deeply connected

with our hearts there are no limits on creating an abundant life of love, beauty, and

interconnectedness. We hope you join us on this magical retreat that will leave you

feeling more alive in your body, connected to the magic of nature and in tune with your


When we are deeply connected with our hearts there are no limits on creating a life of

love, beauty, and abundance.


ALL INCLUSIVE Retreat includes:

- 8 divine days and 7 tropical nights in a beautiful sanctuary

- Heart connecting yoga and meditation each day. 

- Jungle adventure day- travel to a private beach where we can picnic, surf, swim, relax, sun bathe, hike around and explore this magical jungle.

- Plant Medicine Ceremony- please click here for more info

- Thai Massage, Restorative Yoga, Meditation, and Personal Growth workshops each evening

- Daily reflection circle and journaling time

- Yoga equipment provided including mats, blankets, blocks and straps

- Airport transfer and Jungle safari to retreat center

- Daily fresh, organic, healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.

- Photos of your yoga and surf adventure in Costa Rica

- Unlimited purified water and tea

- Daily housekeeping service so you can relax

- Complimentary use of kayaks to explore this amazing land by water!


Typical Day:

7:30/8-10:00 - Morning Meditation and Yoga Practice

10:00-11:00 - Brunch

Afternoon - Free to relax on the beach, surf or SUP  adventure, enjoy a massage, hike, or schedule an activity (We are always around for question you may have, or to assist you along your path with any additional needs during your retreat week)

3:30-5:30 - Afternoon Session (including workshops on Pranayama, Meditation, Yin Yoga)

6:00-7:00 - Dinner

8:15-9:30 Evening Activity, Personal Growth Workshop, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra


Give yourself this gift, a week for yourself, to honor and remember where you came from and to see more clearly anything that may get in the way of experiencing the LOVE that you are!





“A year after my husband passed away I felt I needed to start exercising again and get healthy. I decided to try yoga. That’s where I met Katie. She changed my life. She encouraged me to stay... She talked to me about Ayurveda and how she thought it would help me. Today I’m still taking her yoga class and she is my Ayurvedic Consultant, helping to keep me heathy. To me she is truly an angel.”
— -Toni McKee, student
Anne-Laurens retreats are not only body work, you also work on your spiritual development. I felt that all - my body, spirit and my soul were connected.
— ~Annika, Germany
Anne-Lauren has so much love in her soul, that is what is different to other teachers. It is less her ego, which is driving to teach, it is her heart and soul to help people to change. It’s hard to explain, you just have to join one of her retreats and you will understand.
— ~Victoria, Switzerland
It was an amazing opportunity to check in with myself and reflect with other women through yoga and nature, using physical and emotional energy. Anne-Lauren is so accommodating ~ such a light of positive, nurturing female guidance. She provides a beautiful space that is comforting and easy to be in just as you are. You deserve this experience!
— ~Natalie, CA

All Inclusive Price:

SUPER EARLY BIRD- Before January 1st 2019


EARLY BIRD - Before May 30th 2019


 REGULAR - After July 2018


>>Pay your deposit NOW via PayPal: 

*All-inclusive trip includes Accommodations, All meals, 1 Excursion, and One Jungle Adventure Ride to the retreat site.

- With the exception of airfare

This is a super special opportunity to explore the POWERFUL tool of Plant Medicine in Costa Rica.  The week will be used as a journey into deep conversations about life and our intentions for this world!  This retreat offers a unique experience that moves beyond the material world and into a life of sustainable joy!

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Waking up to Yoga in coastal Mexico with Anne-Lauren everyday was a dream. Coaxing our bodies into a relaxed state of awareness, she let the natural rhythms of Mexico work in harmony with her Yoga practice. This was an ideal experience for a beginner. I really felt empowered and supported by her and felt that in one short week, my Yoga skills grew immensely. I wish that everyday could start like that!
— Ellen Ercolini, California