Bliss Surf and Yoga Retreat

April 22nd- 28th 2017 | Sayulita, Mexico

I walk away from this powerful week with stronger acceptance of self and clarity in what my life’s vision & purpose is.
Radiant Spiral retreats creates the space to get in touch with yourself in a lovely setting, with warm, caring hosts who embrace the feminine power and enliven the soul!
— Lauren, USA

Bliss Surf and Yoga

Women’s Wisdom REtreat 

April 22nd-28th 2017 | Sayulita, Mexico


Reconnect TO YOUR radiant LIGHT WITH

Sun, Surf, Yoga, Bliss, and YOU!


Reconnect to your Radiant Light with the support of amazing women on the shores of Mexico! 

Have you ever dreamed of a week that allows you the time and space to step away from your day to day life and into the flow of your deep hearts calling

We invite you to join us for an empowering week of women only on the shores of Sayulita, Mexico. Bliss Surf and Yoga Retreat is the perfect opportunity to re-align, reconnect, and to resolve to walk a path of authenticity and Self Love!

Your retreat leaders, Anne-Lauren Graham, Sayulita Weisz, and Abigail Brown have been guiding people like you through  life-changing retreats of personal growth and spiritual connection for over 5 years! 

Sayulita is a Transpersonal Psychologist and her mission on this Earth is to bring men and women into deeper connection with themselves and what they came here to do. In her work she guides people to experience deeper meaning, contentment and peace with the life they choose. 

Abigail Brown is a Nutrition Consultant, Thai Massage Goddess, and dedicated creative Yogini flowing from the heart. Abigail shares her love through massage and radiates her vibrant energy everywhere she goes. We are so honored to have her with us this week and on the journey of connecting with our true creative expressions.

Anne-Lauren is a Yoga Therapist and Body Worker, drawing most of her healing insights from nature and the elements. She came to Yoga as she began an inner and outer journey to connect with sustainable peace and deep joy. This path has led her to some amazing tools, some of which she studied in depth for extended periods of time. Her most effective tools are Yoga Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, Tai Chi, Healing Nutrition, connecting with the Wisdom of Nature and Play. 

These women come together to create a week in which you will dive into who you truly are and as a result allow your beautiful, radiant light to shine even brighter in this world. 

You will become more aware of how to use ancient tools to unlock the power you hold; the power to bring whatever you choose into your life! Throughout the week we will have journal time and space for your personal heart connection, bringing clarity around exactly what you want to bring into your life AND how to do it! 

Each day we will enjoy 2 to 3 hours of Sunrise and Sunset Yoga sessions. 

During the sun-kissed days, we will be enjoying the surf, or gathering on the beach to relax with a book or simply enjoy after receiving your complimentary massage. The flowing, warm, healing waters are there for your soul-soothing dips whenever you choose. There are plenty of adventure activities to explore if you are feeling energized. Most evenings will be full of juicy personal growth workshops, women’s circles, relaxing restorative yoga or healing Thai Massage.

Give yourself this gift, a week for yourself, to honor and remember just how special and amazing you are!


Anne-Laurens retreats are not only body work, you also work on your spiritual development. I felt that all - my body, spirit and my soul were connected.
— ~Annika, Germany
Anne-Lauren has so much love in her soul, that is what is different to other teachers. It is less her ego, which is driving to teach, it is her heart and soul to help people to change. It’s hard to explain, you just have to join one of her retreats and you will understand.
— ~Victoria, Switzerland
It was an amazing opportunity to check in with myself and reflect with other women through yoga and nature, using physical and emotional energy. Anne-Lauren is so accommodating ~ such a light of positive, nurturing female guidance. She provides a beautiful space that is comforting and easy to be in just as you are. You deserve this experience!
— ~Natalie, CA

All Inclusive Price:

SUPER EARLY BIRD- Before November 30th 2016

$1,465 Shared Room

$1,665 Private Room

EARLY BIRD - Before January 30th 2016

$1,665 Shared Room

$1,765 Private Room

REGULAR - After January 30th 2016

$1,965 Shared Room    

$2,165 Private Room

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*All-inclusive trip includes Accommodations, Most Meals, SUP Excursions, and Shuttle to and from Hotelito

- With the exception of airfare


A Typical Day:

8:00-10:00 - Morning Meditation and Yoga Practice

10:00-11:00 - Brunch

Afternoon – Every other day Surf Excusrion to local or private Beach.  All other afternoons are yours  to relax on the beach, enjoy a massage, or schedule an activity. (I am always around for questions you may have, or to assist you along your path with any additional needs or private sessions during your retreat week)

4:30-5:30 - Afternoon Sessions (including workshops on Thai Massage, Pranayama, Meditation, Yin Yoga, all based on the request of the students and what i see as a possibility to deepen our experience and practice)

6:30-8:30 Dinner

8:30-10:00 Evening Activity

This is a super special opportunity to join a group of supportive women in Mexico.  The week will be used as a journey into deep conversations about life and our intentions for this world!  This retreat offers a unique experience that moves beyond the material world and into a life of sustainable joy! Lets come together and inspire each other to be the radiant lights that we want to be in this world!

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Waking up to Yoga in coastal Mexico with Anne-Lauren everyday was a dream. Coaxing our bodies into a relaxed state of awareness, she let the natural rhythms of Mexico work in harmony with her Yoga practice. This was an ideal experience for a beginner. I really felt empowered and supported by her and felt that in one short week, my Yoga skills grew immensely. I wish that everyday could start like that!
— Ellen Ercolini, California